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Get Your Car Road Trip Ready In Myrtle Beach

Jiffy Lube Alignment services

Summer vacation in Myrtle Beach is a time for rest and relaxation. With schools being closed, as well as the breathtaking weather conditions, the summer makes it the perfect opportunity for a family to pack up and go on an excursion. These family trips are very beneficial for mental and physical health not just for yourself, but for your family as a whole. Escaping the harmful stressors of the workplace for even a week can work wonders for a person’s well being. Additionally, family vacations are an ideal time to make priceless memories that can last a lifetime. All of these elements combine to make summer the perfect time for a safe and tranquil road trip. However, without taking the proper car precautions, a road trip might not be as easy as you think.

How to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

Leaving for a road trip without taking the proper provisions is a sure fire way to damage your vehicle severely. There are many conditions present in the summer that can be detrimental to the quality of your car and the components within it. The summer climate can have a negative impact on your car in the following areas:

● Tires
● Batteries
● Oil
● Coolant
● Wiper Blades

– Driving long distances in the summer heat has been known to damage, and in some cases melt many different vital segments of your automobile. High humidity and temperature lead to the cooling system flushpavement reaching alarming temperatures which can wear out your car’s tires. Having your tires travel on a road with these conditions can lead to tire damage, and in some cases, a complete tire blowout. At Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach, we always suggest that you take your vehicle in for a thorough tire inspection prior to embarking on your journey.

-It is universally known that frigid temperatures can be harmful to your car’s battery, but what most Americans don’t know is that heat can be just as catastrophic. Hot weather is notorious for shortening your car battery longevity because of the immense amount of time your battery spends in the sun. In addition to the heat, the vibrations your car experiences during elongated trips can have adverse effects on the car battery and can also result in battery failure. This can be rectified by bringing the proper equipment, such as jumper cables or even a spare battery.

– Engines, no matter the weather conditions, require a lot of maintenance and lubrication. Hot weather conditions aggravate this phenomenon exponentially. This is why it is important to be mindful of the oil levels in your car preceding your departure. Oil changes on a fixed schedule is a simple solution to this overlooked issue. Jiffy Lube specializes in efficient and top of the line oil changes. You can put your mind at ease during the road trip knowing that Jiffy Lubes specialized team proactively prepared your automobile for immense weather conditions.

– While traveling over extensive distances during the scorching summer, your car is notably susceptible to overheating. Having the proper amount of coolant in your vehicle is a quick fix, however, the merciless conditions of summer can cause wear and tear on your car, causing leaks into the engine. At Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach, we would strongly advocate for an entire cooling system flush. This will protect your vehicle against corrosion in the cooling system and can elongate your cars endurance as a whole.

– Driving with improper or damaged windshield wipers is a reckless endeavor, and doing so is a risk to your car, as well as your safety. The fierce weather conditions of summer have been known to melt the windshield wiper blades to the front of your car. This can be amended through Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach’s windshield services. Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach offers to do an extensive check and repair to all facets of the windshield in order to make your road trip as smooth as possible.

Services Offered at Jiffy Lube Myrtle BeachJiffy Lube Myrtle Beach

At Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach, our staff is specialized and devoted to keeping your car in top driving shape. We offer a multitude of various different services that can increase the longevity of your car immensely. These include, but are not limited to: air conditioning services, air filtration services, and Jiffy Lube Alignment services. Getting your tires aligned on your car is an often overlooked detail, however, if it isn’t treated can have an unfavorable outcome. The Jiffy Lube team ensures that getting an alignment service done to your car can increase the tire durability, enhances gas mileage, and can equip your car with a more controlled driving experience. Having your tires off centered can contribute to your car pushing and pulling in different directions while driving. Besides being threatening to your families well being, having misaligned wheels can cause uneven wear to the tires, irritating vibrations in the interior of the car, and even defective breaks. Getting a Jiffy Lube alignment service will end up saving you a great quantity of money, along with countless hours of stress.

You Can Always Trust the Experts at Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach

Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach ensures that the customer is always getting the best deal available. This is made apparent through the countless deals and coupons offered on our website at any point in time. These coupons range from a $10 off for a tire rotation service to $20 off a full synthetic oil change. Being proactive and taking your car in for maintenance before a problem arises can benefit your car in an innumerable amount of ways. While planning a trip that involves far-reaching distances, it is imperative to have your car in peak form. Getting any of the services offered at Jiffy Lube Myrtle Beach can have lasting impacts on your car, as well as your safety. Our staff is filled with expert technicians that can help you with any car problem that may emerge. Stop by our Myrtle Beach location and see how you can save money on your next car service.


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